Elise Morris is an abstract painter, seeking to capture the unexpected complexity of our experiences in nature.
You can see more of her work at www.elisemorris.net

Artist Statement

Painting is an intuitive process of creating space, a layering of experiences that evokes both unexpected complexity and the bareness of
the moment. It is a process of being present to what comes, to new subtleties.

Wherever I am, lately I find myself looking to the light. I look through the trees, in the heavy clouds, at the reflections in the creek. It is ever changing and always there, a basic
element in our daily experience. It is the light that makes the shadows that I so love to draw. Where there is light, there is clarity and warmth, and the hope of what is ahead.

I am seeking that glimmer when the surface of the painting truly becomes the edge of a space. The elemental light is exposed and I am immersed, beckoning to something much more expansive.